The Decision

Making the decision is the first step to successfully complete any challenge.  In this case 2,663 miles, on foot, alone for months, racing winter, hiding from storms and fury animals with big teeth all while avoiding the superficial demands of “normal” society.  Sounds like a blast, but where to begin….

June 2015 (yes, this month) I spontaneously quit my job – Not really spontaneous, I’ve been kicking the idea around for a while.  Anyway, this impulsive action freed up my dance card, so I was eager to fill it up with challenge, adventure, exploration, danger and irresponsibleness. A.K.A fun.

First order of business I decided to do the PCT.

Since it is June, the Southbound trek would work swimmingly.   Upon initial research, Google search provided not much information on heading South but the descriptions I found described it as being “harder”, “more difficult to navigate” and required you to “hit the ground running”.  Sounds like my kind of challenge (aside the 2,663 mile part).  I accept.

Now an easy thing to do would be to plan resupply, arrange gear and start purchasing food to send out to the respective locations…. however, not so easy when you’re not in the US.  (I work overseas *ahem* that statement will be past tense in one week) Truth is I can’t even send or receive mail, so that throws ordering gear and guide books out the window….

Let’s just say, I’m not an inexperienced hiker so the international difficulty and last minute planning doesn’t phase me, however, if you’re on the fence, thinking it’s too late to hike this season, I’m going to tell you to shut your face hole and make the decision to do it.  Then check out some of the great links I’ve found that have helped me think it through and expedite the planning process:

Again, not a lot of helpful items for the SOBO crowd but helpful all the same.


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