The Last Minute Things…

I arrived back in the US a few weeks ago and had family obligations that I indeed preferred over selfishly indulging in all-consuming trail planning.  Today & tomorrow are for my final planning… two days are enough to plan for a 2,600 mile hike, right?

The catch is I don’t have a car or internet… I’m relying on my sister to drive me around and her reliable internet, in exchange for me helping her move into her new house yesterday.  It’s a busy time for us both.

As of two days ago I had a confirmed ride to Harts Pass from my brother who lives out in Washington – however, he just said he was too busy…. No problem, it just makes me run a bit more trying to figure the last logistics out.

As of today, I booked a flight to Seattle for tomorrow afternoon.  From now until then, I’m going to stop at the store to make up my first mail drops, visit my dentist, stop at the cell store to get some SIM to keep me connected, review my gear, figure out how to get to Seattle to the trail and try to catch that flight I booked… seems easy written.

That’s all the time I have for an update now… hopefully, I’ll be able to update on my progress as I work my way along.


4 thoughts on “The Last Minute Things…

  1. Happy to hear someone is walking south. That astounds like the best plan but it seems most hike north. I will follow your updates along the way. I am an arm chair hiker and have been following several of the north ikea that are posting.

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    1. Hi Margaret! I’m glad you’ll be “hiking” along with me. I really think most hike north because it’s logistically easier to get to the trailhead and it allows for more time for completion. However, everyone has their own reasons for their hikes… as for me, I’m not off to a great start, since my ride fell through a few days ago I’m kind of floundering with public transport. I’m currently sitting in front of the greyhound bus station waiting for them to open at 6:30 am, hoping I can get the first bus out of the city and toward the trail…. 🙂

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