Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks, the trail stop before or after the legendary Bridge of the Gods, is a hiker’s paradise.


Holding numerous trailheads and the famous Eagle Creek trail alternative to Tunnel Falls, makes this section of the PCT a regular hiker highway.
It’s great for resupplying, a full grocery store and post office, plus being so small it saves hordes of time…if that’s what you want to do.
I got to town after the post office was good and closed so I had to stay in town. I heard about a Trail Angel who allowed hikers to crash in his back yard, so I set out to find him.


He went by the name of Shrek and he wasn’t hard to find. When I arrived his hospitality was out of this world.


At the time, there was one other hiker there and I asked Shrek if it was just us for the night. Shrek quickly said “heck no, the rest of the trash are already down at the bar, you’re late…”
I laughed and Shrek gave me a ride to the bar in his slick ’77 Corvette, which was only three blocks away but it was fun to arrive in style.
I met the rest of the bunch, which was almost an even split between NOBO and SOBOs. We drank on the patio of Thunder Island Brewery, right on the bank of the Columbia River. It was quite a beautiful location to hang out with like minded people as the sun set over the gorge….



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