Hiking and Blogging…

Hiking and Blogging has turned out to be harder than I thought. 
From the start, I thought that when I ended my day of hiking I would simply roll into camp, cozy into my tent and effortlessly scribe the day’s events just so easily on my smart phone as it was to walk 20+ miles…
Not so.
I know some can people do it but me, no way…
My challenges start with my phone also being my map, therefore, that takes priority in the terms of battery life. I could not rationalize typing away sucking battery life from my only source of navigation (other than the hardened trail before me) while far away from a recharge.
Solar panels don’t work as advertised and we’re the first things I cut from my pack.
Additionally, as counterintuitive as it sounds, I’m really lazy. Yes, I know I just hiked hundreds of miles but asking me to do anything more – heck no!
Example: “Yeah I know there’s water another .5 miles down the trail but I already did 30 miles and this camp is here so that water can wait until tomorrow – I’ll survive”.
Bottom line is I’ll have to play catch up with my trail adventures when I can get to a real computer, maybe much after I reach Campo….


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