About Me

About me:

As a disclaimer, I am an Engineer by trade, not a writer so do not expect anything eloquent or inspirational from these PCT accounts.

Prior to this endeavor, I worked overseas and traveled 100% of my time; at work and not at work.  By definition, I am homeless but not jobless (even though I used the past tense I’m technically employed – not that it really matters).

I have been what you call an outdoor enthusiast since I was born.  I climb mountains and explore the places less traveled – those not on a vacation list.

I’m heading SOBO on the PCT starting mid-July, drop me a line 🙂

"Stealth Fire" on the PCT north of Rainy Pass

“Stealth Fire” on the PCT north of Rainy Pass


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind exchanging emails? I am planning a SOBO hike myself and would love the opportunity to ask you some questions.




    1. Hey Matthew, thanks for reading. I’ll post a few entries at the end of the month about things I learned and my tips for future SOBOs. I’m glad you’re planning to head South, it was a great adventure.
      You can catch me at readstatic@gmail.com, as well as anyone else who has questions they want to ask about the PCT or going SOBO.


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