JMT Slog

The John Muir Trail shares about 170 miles of the PCT through the High Sierras, which are some of the most stunning landscapes I have ever seen.   At this point I was used to passing maybe one or two NOBOs in a day, a few day hikers here or there and would usually arrive, at night, to an… Read More JMT Slog


Hitchhiking.  The word in itself used to terrify me.  I would wonder why anyone would get into a car with a stranger, let alone give a ride to a rough and mangled person.  We all know, Stranger Danger and we all know there is no free candy in that van…. unless, of course, that cardboard… Read More Hitchhiking

Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks, the trail stop before or after the legendary Bridge of the Gods, is a hiker’s paradise. Holding numerous trailheads and the famous Eagle Creek trail alternative to Tunnel Falls, makes this section of the PCT a regular hiker highway. It’s great for resupplying, a full grocery store and post office, plus being so… Read More Cascade Locks