Hiker Towns

Towns I visited along the way…


Stehekin, WA is a place you can only arrive at in four ways, by plane, boat, horse or by hiking.  Since you can not drive to this small town, it’s not over run by drive-thru tourism, which makes it quite a quaint little place to visit.  I arrived to High Bridge around noon, just in time to easily catch the next bus to town. This bus made stops at a bakery and an organic garden before arriving into town.  I got out at both stops and drooled over all the baked goods having difficulty deciding on what to satisfy my senses I finally decided on the cinnamon roll, which a NOBO recommended a day earlier on the trail. It was everything you would want in a cinnamon roll, warm, gooey and full of cinnamon and frosting.

The Organic garden was a great opportunity to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies at a good price.  I bought a pound of blueberries but I think the owner gave me 3 pounds or so, seriously he gave me a lot, so I shared with the other hikers on the bus.  Yeah, I know it seems ridiculous to buy blueberries when the trail is covered in bushes of them but the berries from the garden were as big as my thumb, I was hungry and I didn’t have to pick them…

The town itself is really just a few businesses and vacation rentals, not a lot going on but the lake is beautiful and relaxing.

View from the deck of the lake and hiker bus.
View from the deck of the lake and hiker bus.

I decided to set up camp at the few sites in town and proceeded to complete my errands, laundry, shower and resupplying.  I had a package sent to the post office because the shop was dreadfully expensive, $5 for a can of beans? Come on!

Purple Point Campground, Stehekin, WA.
My camp at Purple Point Campground, Stehekin, WA.

I met a few other SOBO hikers and we sat out on the deck enjoying some ice cold beers and the beautiful summer weather, while swapping trail stories until the stars came out.

Deck for fluid, food and friends in Stehekin, WA.
Deck for fluid, food and friends in Stehekin, WA.

Stehekin was a great place for relaxing but I was itching for the trail so the next morning I hopped the 8:30am bus back to High Bridge.


I hitched into Leavenworth after pushing a high mileage day, just to get out of the pouring rain.  I was wet and cold, all my gear was wet and heavy – despite my preventative rain covers.  I had been hiking, eating and sleeping in the pouring rain for the last three days and I had enough so I pushed hard to town with dreams of a warm, dry place with the additional incentive of warm food gloriously cooked for me.

In Leavenworth I found a relatively inexpensive place to crash, the first order of business was to unload my gear and start the drying process.

Drying out gear in a Leavenworth hotel.
Downtown Leavenworth, WA.

After a shower it was Food & Beer O’Clock!

Brat Burger from Uncle Ole’s Pub in Leavenworth, WA.

More to come on Leavenworth, I’m tired …….



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