The Dry Start

I approached the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) via Ross Lake.  My original plan was to hike the East Bank Trail, connect at Lightning Creek Trail and follow that to the Three Fools Junction, which would then connect to the PCT about 4 miles south of Monument 78.  After some internet searching and some last minute trail… Read More The Dry Start

The Decision

Making the decision is the first step to successfully complete any challenge.  In this case 2,663 miles, on foot, alone for months, racing winter, hiding from storms and fury animals with big teeth all while avoiding the superficial demands of “normal” society.  Sounds like a blast, but where to begin…. June 2015 (yes, this month)… Read More The Decision


Where to start….. it’s June. This is how I’m going about the quick and dirty planning.  Each stage will have a representative post to assist you in your planning… that is, if you think my ideas are sane.  I do appreciate feedback and suggestions 🙂 Stage One: Make the decision…. Check. Stage Two: Resupply strategy… Read More Planning