Stage Four – The Plan

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

– Anonymous

Beginning – Plan A

Seattle – Spokane – Pullman: airport options for flying into the northern Terminus.

Trek to start at Hart’s Pass and walk into find Monument 78.  Mark the beginning, and officially start by back tracking to the Pass.

Plan B

Seattle – Mt. Vernon – Concrete – Ross Lake Dam

Trek to start via the Ross Lake trail and take one of the connecting trails East to the PCT.  Then head north to the terminus at Monument 78 before turning South.


Get on and off of trail where public transportation is provided.  Time depending I may flip-flip to ensure I’m through the Sierras before the first snows.

Ending – Plan A

San Diego – Los Angeles: Airport options for returning out of the Southern Terminus.

Trek to end past Campo at the Mexican border. Find shuttle bus to San Diego bus terminal then local bus to airport.

Plan B

Walk “home”….


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