Stage Three – The Preparation

“No tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will.”

– Richard Simmons

…I’m assuming it takes a little more than “desire and will” but I’m sure you understand that much at least.
I like packing light; I tend to try to pack things that have multiple uses so that I never feel like I’m carrying dead weight.  However, this takes some creativity….
Here are my plans for 2,663 miles of changing weather, seasons, morale and mood.
Sleeping system:
REI Quarter Dome T1 Backpacking tent.
I’ve had a version of this tent for a few years, it’s easy to assemble in the dark, it has full screen top for star viewing and it’s only 2 lbs. 14 oz.  It packs a little big and I plan to ship it out once out of the mountains and cowboy camp in the desert. This tent has worked quite well for sleeping on ridges and blocking the winds, hence holding warmth.
Sleeping pad.
Essential to keep the chill out of your ol’ bones. I plan to use a simple blue foam roll, it’s just a few ounces and fairly cheap.  I’ve scaled peaks and comfortably camped on snow packs with these buggers.  Also, I used this sleeping pad to cut sections out for shoe inserts on those painful long days.
Sleeping Bag.
I’ve packed a 30 degree Marmot light weight sleeping bag, it’s just over 1 pound and has been more than ample over the first few hundred miles.
   – Sun Hat (Removed from pack)
   – Knit Hat
   – Socks (2 pair)
   – Wick shirt (2)
   – Zipper convertible pants
   – Down jacket
   – Waterproof pants and shell jacket
Water and Food:
    – Resupply boxes where no store is located otherwise grocery shop along route
       [I’ve only used one resupply box so far, it is pretty easy resupplying in towns along the way]
    –  Water is life.  [] Aquatabs for purification, I have used these babies in the ‘Stans, the Mid-East,              Africa and S.America – haven’t got sick while using them (yet).
    – Cloth tape
    – Aspirin/ibuprofen
    – Anti-Diarrhea pills (removed from pack)
    – Waterproof matches & lighter
    – SPOT emergency locator and tracker
Other Equipment: 
   – Knife/Multi-tool
   – Rechargeable batteries
   – Solar charger (removed from pack)

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