Stage Two – The Strategy

“I love it when a plan comes together”

– John “Hannibal” Smith

Strategy helps you sleep at night…

I hate to admit, I’m a planner.  However, I never follow my exact plan, really, life never goes according to plan – if it did it would be dreadfully predictable and drab.  Planning for me, it’s a research aid.  It provides the structure and the route to the full understanding my endeavor – a loose itinerary to stay on track I suppose.


I owe a lot of thanks to those who have made this trek before me and shared their info.

As a precautionary, I plan to pick up these guide books:

I will report back on their practicality and value.

Also a digital version of Halfmile’s PCT Maps:

Again I will report back on the usefulness as for Southbound travel.

Last essential water planning:

I thank all the Northbound hikers and Trail Angles in advance for this link update.



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